Kalatu Blogging Platform – Why You Should Be Using It

You may be hearing about the Kalatu blogging platform, but still wondering what exactly it is and how it benefits you. Let’s clear that up for you in this kalatu review, because as far as I’m concerned… the only reason you don’t already have your own Kalatu blog, is because you don’t yet know what it is.

Before I get into it, let me give you a little background to qualify this information. I’ve been a blogger since 2010, but have been a WordPress developer and website designer for a lot longer than that. I’ve owned a local marketing firm and developed over 300 custom websites and blogs for clients, before finding my real home as an internet freedom-preneur. My point in telling you all of this is to share that I know my way around blog platforms, hosting companies, SEO, WordPress… and online marketing strategies.

The best way for me to explain the Kalatu and Kalatu Premium blogging platform is to actually show you around the inside of this easy-to-use system in this video… (and by the way, this post you’re reading right now is on my personal Kalatu blog.)

Kalatu Premium Blogging Platform

Now that you’ve seen Kalatu first hand, you can visit the Kalatu blog signup page hereand get your own blog setup in the next few minutes.

Kalatu Ease Of Setup & Use

One of the biggest focuses of the Kalatu development team was to create the easiest to use world-class blogging platform available. Because Kalatu is powered by WordPress, it has all the powerful functionality that pro bloggers desire, but key interface enhancements have made it a lot easier to use, especially for novice bloggers.

One of those enhancements is the super easy setup process. The setup wizard walks you through each step to ensure you have everything setup properly. You can choose from a variety of built in professional blog themes and design features, then further customize to your specific needs with ease. Whether you’re a real estate pro, a network marketer, or creating a site to promote your restaurant… you’ll find this platform has the “snap-in” design for you.

You can literally have a professional site/blog live and ready for your blog posts in just a few minutes. And you can always continue to tweak your design as you go, or as your needs change, with no worry of “breaking” your site.

Kalatu Hosting

Unlike the limited, slow and unstable hosting provided by most cheap hosting services, your Kalatu blog is hosted on a scaled server array that delivers fast load times and truly unlimited bandwidth and storage… for one very low fee. In my testing, my $25/mo Kalatu blog (the one you’re on now) has performed far better than another WordPress blog I run on a $180 per month dedicated server hosting package.

If you just consider the hosting alone, Kalatu is the best value by far.

Kalatu Security

If you setup a self-hosted WordPress blog… and you’re not paying for expensive high-end site security, or you’re not a techie that can configure and manage advance site security plugins. You WILL get hacked… probably more than once (if you last that long). If you want to completely avoid the headaches from hackers, Kalatu is your easy solution.

Kalatu Training & Support

kalatu blogging platform

Kalatu comes with world-class training tutorials that walk you through every step of setting up your successful blog. If you have a challenge or issue with your blog… you have access to support that will help you out right away. This is a big difference from those setting up their own self-hosted blogs, as there is absolutely no support for that except what you dig up searching tech forums and help sites.

Kalatu Adaptation & Flexibility

No matter what industry or profession you’re in… network marketing, affiliate marketing, small business, real estate, personal branding, etc… you can find a Kalatu blog theme and easily customize your blog to your business and brand. In addition, because it’s WordPress, you can set up your Kalatu Brand Station to be a full website with as many pages as you wish. You’ll be blown away with the complete flexibility of this simple to use platform.

Kalatu Ranks

kalatu review

Every step has been taken to ensure that your Kalatu blog is properly optimized to rank in the search engines. From the most powerful SEO plugins already built in, to additional features… you can get your content ranked faster and higher with Kalatu. When you setup your blog, you can choose to use any one of the high authority built-in domains, or your own custom domain (like I do). Either way, you get the power of the Kalatu blogging community to help funnel authority to your posts and pages automatically. No other blogging network has this feature.

After just 6 months of using this platform, and following the training, I now have dozens of first page Google rankings and get a steady stream of leads and sales from this blog daily.

Kalatu Converts Like Crazy!

No other blogging platform makes it this easy to generate leads and convert sales for your business. From built-in simple to deploy list building widgets, to customizable subscription popups, and super easy to use social media widgets… You can be collecting leads, building your list and converting sales with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Kalatu Cost

Kalatu Basic is available in a starting package for just $25 per month, with the new Kalatu Premium package for $97 per month.

=> Get Kalatu Basic here for $25/month


=> Try Kalatu Premium here for just $97.

Because of the experiences I’ve had in the marketplace as a software developer, WordPress designer, plugin developer, and business owner… I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this Kalatu blogging platform.

I used to charge an average of $1500 up front to setup a self-hosted WordPress custom website for clients, then charge additional for hosting and ongoing support. Now anyone can actually have a better, more effective and easier to use site that they can setup and manage very simply on their own, without all the headaches.

The Kalatu WordPress platform has allowed me, and my entire team to increase our traffic, leads and business production without having to become tech gurus to do it. Most people are not tech gurus and you should not have to be one to run a successful blog or website.

A huge thank you to the Kalatu development team for never giving up in creating the ultimate business online platform for the self-employed, small business, and home business owner… allowing us to share our voices with the world… without having to be a tech guru.

If you upgraded or direct purchase Kalatu Premium, you will get Prospectus which allows you to Build a Business and Make Money From Your Phone. Must Have Tool!


Ready to trade up to Kalatu?…

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If you have questions about Kalatu, feel free to hit me up on email and if you’re already a Kalatu user, be sure to chime in and share your experience.

This is our 12th month of 21 Day Blogging Challenges, and they’ve gotten bigger and bigger…so we thought this time, we’d do something a little different this time =D

What is a Blog?

As opposed to a blog post, a BLOG is a video post.

We hope that this will CHALLENGE you to step outside of your comfort zone, and diversify the content that is published to your Kalatu blog.


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